The Everycast Broadcaster was created to transform your website from a static text archive into a multimedia lecture broadcasting system and library on the web. We aim to give our customers the ability to distribute and resell their knowledge and know-how to anyone around the globe, anytime, and at a cost that can beat all the other broadcasting software packages out there. We also strive hard to make sure that The Everycast Broadcaster is simple to use for host and audience alike.

The power to broadcast anyone to everyone!
Revolutionary Scheduler
Organize Your Events Past and Present
Our All-in-One Broadcaster offers a powerful Scheduler to keep your archives and future events organized. Set permissions on who can view your archives. Send invites for future live events. And coming soon... Set prices for pay-per-view.
All-in-One Broadcasting
All you need is a computer, webcam, headset
We keep it simple so it works. No telephones are needed. The interface will appear as if it is running from your website. You decide who can speak by switching video feeds to any cam enabled audience member. Chat and question alerts allow everyone else to contribute.
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